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June 6th, 2008


i became a year older two days ago.


I can't sing Sixteen Going on Seventeen anymore! But it's my namesake's signature song!~ T___T

Then again, my sixteenth year was meaningful, so I don't regret leaving the age of sixteen so much.

I entered a new phase of my life (college), faced a community different from what I grew up in, stuck my first year out (and I plan to stick the next three years out, thankyouverymuch), met some of the best people in the world, learned how it was like to live with 50something other girls in one corridor, survived living on unidentifiable dorm food, encountered God in a way that shook me out of my old cycle, saw His awesome grace and power in many different ways, got to know myself a little better... I wish I could write it all down, but I can't XD.

Seventeen sounds more sophisticated that sixteen does. XD Is it because there's a magazine called Seventeen? Is it because sixteen has a 'sweet' label attached to it? I honestly don't know. O_O But seventeen does sound more sophisticated to me. Maybe because of the number of syllables...? XD


Other things:

(1) I'm enrolled! (I finished enrolling on my birthday. On purpose. XD) I skipped PE this semester because i took it during the summer, and I didn't want to wait in line under the searing heat of the sun on my birthday. Sorry XD
(2) I got into Sampaguita Residence Hall! (HALLELUJAH I HAVE A DORM!) I checked in today and finally found, in the list, two Kalai batchmates who are in Sampa too. My corridor is just like the First Floor Girls in Kalai, dark even in the hot hot hours of noon. O_O But it's a bit dreary. T_T
(3) I went swimming yesterday. In Jed's Island Resort in Calumpit, Bulacan- right on the border of Pampanga. I didn't like the place a lot, but what's important was that I was able to go swimming. It's already June, but it's still summer swimming nonetheless. AND I GOT TANNED :D


This might be my last post before I go back to being a hermit XD. See you around, lovelies.

May 28th, 2008

I've forgotten what a beautiful movie Anna and the King is. Chow Yun-Fat is... utterly amazing. *A*

AND TOM FELTON PLAYED LOUIE? I didn't know that until today. But I recognized him at once. A good actor, that kid. XD And he worked with Chow Yun-Fat at that tender age. OHMYGULAY. And he saw all those beautiful mountains in Thailand. *A*

I loved the movie the first time I saw it, but I love it even more this time. Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-Fat dancing in the last scene... *A* That was just... heartwarming. *sigh* And I cried when the king's little daughter died. T~T

And let me just repeat how I adore Chow Yun-Fat. I am going to have one of those fangirl fevers (as I did when I first watched Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera a few weeks ago. Can you believe it? That's how un-updated I am.)

You know, seeing all those Thai clothes in the movie:

(1) made me wonder how it would be like if we still wore traditional Filipino clothing today. Traditional clothing looks so elegant, don't you think?

(2) made me feel proud of being Asian. I was looking at the clothes of the king's advisers and I was like, "These gentlemen are wearing Thai silk. For everyday use. Wow."


Anyway, summer classes are over, and summer itself will be over soon. I'm trying to make the most of the remaining days by cleaning up my room and meeting up with friends. XD I haven't gone swimming at all T~T but I have visited my relatives in Pampanga. That's the farthest I've gone this summer XD

Btw, stretching is the best PE class EVER. I had so much fun with you guys :3

May 2nd, 2008

Come on, somebody.

Wow wow wow.

Only one and a half weeks to go and summer classes are over.

A few days more, and summer vacation would be over.


I didn't come home last weekend because I attended the Women's Encounter held by Destiny Ministries International - Manila.

I dunno about other people, but I guess one thing about being raised in a Christian home is that you sometimes tend to take God for granted. You get used to hearing things about God so often but you never really get to appreciate it because you've heard it a million times. I mean, you know God loves you, that He died for you, that He's holy and mighty and awesome, but you never really feel that passionate about it. Well, I didn't.

But the Encounter really opened my eyes... or it gave me eyeglasses, rather. I got saved two years ago on May 12 (which reminds me, my birthday is coming up!) but I haven't really grown in faith that much. The Encounter... it's really something. It makes me excited to wake up everyday. You know how exciting it is when you know someone loves you? In this case, it's not just someone but Someone, and He loves you soooooo much!


"The deal isn't really about who you are, but whose you are."

April 19th, 2008

This is going to be long.Collapse )
One week down. Five more to go!

I can't believe it. To me, this week seemed horribly long. I spent most of my afternoons sleeping. O_O I borrowed Ate Lei's copy of The Alchemist, and after I finished it, I was left extremely bored to the point that I threw a boredom tantrum. XDDDD

Summer classes. I forgot to mention that I'm staying at Kalai again, and I share a room with Tasha in the BA. (BA stands for Boys' Annex, because way back, it was part of the boys' wing. Now it's occupied by girls.) The walls are actually painted. *0*

Chem 1 is going pretty good. We didn't have class for three days because our professor had to go to a seminar, but she finished the scheduled topics for the week (unlike a certain professor I know >.<"). Ma'am Ramos' English is quite good, and I like her sense of humor. But the class can get a bit boring at times because it's so early and we students are still in a post-sleep daze most of the time, so most of my classmates are quiet and don't react/don't notice our professor's jokes. O_O

And have I told you that I got a PE class?! It's not exactly the class I wanted (futsal or Philippine games), but I'm having fun. :D I prerog'd (read: asked the professor personally for permission to be listed, not enlisting online) for it with two new friends, Sunshine and Erin ('Erin' is a girl's name, but my friend Erin is gay). Yes, all we do is pretty much just... stretching, but it's a small class and our professor (who was also my professor in arnis!) is so easy to get along with. We laugh a lot in class. XD And Ma'am Peneyra is teaching us to do that belly wave thing (you know, like what macho dancers do XDDDD).

So yeah. Lately, Lalet (my dormmate) and I have been going to book sales and yearning for those lovely lovely pages. T^T I seriously want to read more of the classics. Hmm. Maybe I should make a reading wishlist? I'll make a separate entry for that. :D

Enough about me. F-list, how's your summer going? :3

April 9th, 2008

What's your least favorite chore?

I hate being the one to scrape the food bits off the plates after eating. The chore by itself wouldn't really be a big deal. But our container for biodegradable trash is a small, old plastic ice cream tub sitting in a corner on the floor, so you have to squat to throw the food bits in. Then, once you manage to remove the dirty lid with your fingers, that disgusting smell of all sorts of junk come at you. My parents and my sisters probably wonder why I don't speak while throwing the trash. That's because I hold my breath.

April 8th, 2008


Manila Ocean Park.

It wasn't so wonderful that I went crazy over it, but it was pretty fun nonetheless. It was like seeing the pictures in the encyclopedia burst into life. XD The giant crab was, well, gigantic! It was fun to see the real-life Nemo and Dory. (The clown anemones were smaaaall.) The razorfish, those little creatures who swim vertically- they're definitely amusing. AND THE STING RAYS! Did you know that sting rays look so graceful? Or is it just me?

My favorite part was the touching pool. I actually touched sea stars/star fish! I remember that there were chocolate chip sea stars (nice name eh?) and blue sea stars... I forgot the name of the other kind of sea star.

Sweet Lolita. My interest in the lolita fashion is tickled for the first time since i dun remember when.


I want a Canon A590 IS.

April 6th, 2008

Reunions... and stuff.

Mmmm.. excuse the ruddy sentences please. My mind's blacking out XDDD

Einstein reunion. Hmmm... I wasn't exactly active but I had fun. Too bad the organizer, Mica, wasn't there. And Sheryl and Hani and Bea were not there T_____T. And you know how some reunions really don't have an organized program? Some were playing on the Capcom arcade thingy, some were in the videoke room, and some were just plain clowning around. We mostly just camwhored because the recreation room was good background material. XD Made me wish for the umpteenth time that I had an SLR.

What else? Going to the Manila Ocean Park OR (if the Ocean Park is packed) the Science Discovery Center @ MoA tomorrow with my mom and eldest sis. Possibly my last "outing" for the summer. Boohoo.

Until then.

April 1st, 2008

after three weeks O_o



To the head-turners of Kalai, my dear floormates: Here's what I have to say- don't explain. XD Because there's no need to describe what the fifty-six of us went through. I absolutely LURVE you, guys. ♥

To the members of N-4, my blockmates: Gah. I had so much fun with all of you. I don't know each and every one of you so well, but it's great that we're a relatively tight bunch. A lot of you are shifting out; that's pretty sad for me, but I respect your decision. See you around ;3

Erm. Starstruck moments.

I saw Ate Jin Joson last March 25. I was running after my Kom2 research partner and there she was, sitting on the floor and drawing something. Aside from the fact that I had to catch somebody XP, Ate Jin looked busy so I didn't bother her. I saw her again, walking down the corridors and looking for something/someone(?), and finally I decided to speak. Our convo went something like this (could you actually consider it a convo?):

Me: ... ... ... Hi Ate Jin!
Ate Jin: *looks surprised and confused* Hi!
Me: Um... cosplayer. (referring to self. Notice how utterly fuzzy my statement is.)
Ate Jin: *nods an "Ooooh, okay" nod*
Me: *does not know what to say, so abruptly ends convo* ... bye!
Ate Jin: Bye!
Me: *runs off nervously*

So there. WHY AM I SO FULL OF SHAME XD I know what you're thinking- it was rude of me to not introduce myself. I'm so sorry. Hiya struck me.

Summer classes.

Subjects I'll be taking:
Chem 1 (because i missed an MST last semester) - 7:00-9:00 AM
(hopefully) two PEs - sometime later in the day

More serious stuff.

As I'm on a struggle to know myself, I'll be asking for testimonials. I just want to know what my F-list thinks about me. My personality, my strengths, weaknesses, anything. Please? Your comments will be greatly appreciated. ^-^

December 31st, 2007


Leaving the internet for good for who knows how long. I know I've tried doing this before and it didn't work, but now I'm really going to take a break.

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