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An advanced happy new year everybody.

and just what is this?


snippets from the life of a university student. :D message me if you wish!

An advanced happy new year everybody.

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Just wanted to greet everyone "Happy New Year!" in advance.


[x] Just got home from Ayen's 18th birthday house party. Ayen seems happy with our little surprise for her. I'm glad :D Aww, she got teary-eyed during her 'speech'. Haberdei, Ayen. Love you ;3 (Man, my high school classmates are still as crazy and gossipy and loud as ever. Aaaand, that issue came up again. I thought it wouldn't come up. Thankfully, some people helped brush the talk away. Hahaha. Thanks guys.)

[x] ^ That got me thinking about how I'll be celebrating my 18th birthday. I don't even want a house party. I don't like being the center of attention that way. Besides, my birthday falls on enrollment week. I just want a normal day occupied with lining up for whatever I need to line up for, eating something unhealthy (I bet it'll be pancit canton, siomai, and a bottle of C2) and replying to birthday greetings sent by SMS. I wanna debunk that stupid 18 hype.

[x] Is that pimple under my lip? I've been picking at it and it hurts. Ow. But it's not all red and swollen; just slightly pinkish.

[x] I might actually buy a digicam soon. HOORAY! \o/ Let's pray for the Lord's favor! ^~^

[x] There's a lot of academic stuff to do. The outline for our geography report and the data for my Lingg121 project must be organized tomorrow. :D

[x] I watched The Nativity Story on Christmas Eve, and from that night on I began to appreciate Joseph more. I thought Keisha Castle-Hughes's Mary was kinda solemn, but still, her solemn face is excellent. And OSCAR ISAAC as Joseph is <3.

[x] Plurk is cute, but a hassle to maintain. The deal with karma irritates me. XD And I finally got the dancing banana icon!

[x] Those Japanese web graphic sites are really nifty. I wish I could offer stuff like those too. Pentacom's Stickypaper and Pdiary software are cool too. I just wish I could understand how to use scripts on Stickypaper.
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