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Jitensha ni hajimete norimashita!

and just what is this?


snippets from the life of a university student. :D message me if you wish!

Jitensha ni hajimete norimashita!

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Important announcement!

I now know how to balance myself on a bike.

Sort of. XD

I taught myself last Thursday using my blockmate Jeva's bike. It happened between 2:30-4:00 pm on the bike lane in front of the Faculty Center in UP Diliman. XDDD I'm still wobbly though, and I haven't learned how to turn yet. Ahaha.

There were two street kids who chanted, "Hindi marunong!" ("[She] doesn't know how [to ride a bike!]" or something to that effect). In my mind, I went, "Oh great. Just what I needed." They kept on bugging me because they wanted to borrow the bike. I started out nice and told them that the bicycle wasn't mine, and that I needed the bike more than they did because I had to learn how to ride it. Later I found myself irritated and telling them to please leave me alone. XDDD

I survived without any open wounds. All that I have is this ugly bruise near my right knee because the pedal kept on hitting it. Oh well. A badge of honor. XD

That's pretty much it. My life's not so hectic compared to the lives of my two best friends (tokwastiks and choco_eclair). Health care courses are really... O_O. I sometimes wish that I was busy, too.


20 Minutes of Manhood. Do you guys know that I dressed up as a bridegroom last week?

There's this Japanese-inspired air video contest going on, and my blockmates nijiblade and elaineheartsyou decided to join. They chose to do a music video of Yubiwa by Ellegarden.

So they needed two guys and one girl. Now our block only has two boys. Should've been perfect, right? But no, Mr. Rosero is too busy for such things and couldn't be part of the cast. So Kalei volunteers to be Guy No.2, who happens to be the one who Girl marries. XDDD

My being a bridegroom lasted for less than half an hour. My blockmates said I looked gwapo, even more than Guy No.1. XD That's a compliment, truly it is. It feels so good to beat men at their own game. XD


My English is deteriorating. I think I should start posting in Taglish.

    Also. I can't go to UPD on Wednesday because they're gonna give us our cats for dissection on the following day Comparative Anatomy kills my schedule. I'M SORRRRRY D:

    I promise I'll go when my sched's not that tight. ;____;
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